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Discover The Truth with Keo Investigations - Your Expert Private Investigators
Where Professionalism Meets Discretion - Solving Your Most Complex Cases With Expertise

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Physical Surveillance Experts

Leveraging extensive investigative capabilities, we've earned a reputation as the go-to private investigation agency for all types of surveillance inquiries.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, from discreet inquiries to visible investigations and security assessments, we're dedicated to providing the insights you're searching for.

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and precise results to all of our clients.

The synergy of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology ensures Keo Investigations consistently delivers the most favorable outcomes for each case we undertake.

Private Investigations

Choosing to work with Keo Investigations comes with a host of advantages for our clients.

Our skill in questioning techniques, coupled with our steadfast commitment to confidentiality, ensures that your case is handled with the utmost discretion.

We value the trust placed in us by our clients, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee along with complimentary initial consultations to establish and maintain that trust.

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Definite Aim, Vision and Purpose

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Book your complimentary corporate or public investigation consultation today.

Our team is on hand to grasp your unique corporate or public surveillance requirements, crafting a strategy that delivers the information you need in a legal, ethical, and efficient manner.

Rely on the seasoned professionals at Keo Investigations to address all of your business's investigative and surveillance needs

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Keo Investigations  

Our seasoned team of private investigators is prepared to collaborate with you to meet all your investigative and surveillance requirements.

Reach out to us today via email to consult with our skilled investigative experts and take advantage of your complimentary initial consultation.

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