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Corporate Investigation and Surveillance Services

Armed with extensive investigative tools, we've earned our standing as the premier private investigation firm for all types of investigative cases.

Offering a comprehensive range of services from covert operations to background screenings, we are dedicated to delivering the insights you're in search of. We prioritise providing prompt and precise outcomes for every client we serve.

The blend of highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology enables keo investigations to promise the most favourable results for each case we undertake.

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Litigation Support

If your corporation is in the midst of a Civil case against against an outside party, having robust evidence can be the deciding factor for success or failure in court.

Our specialists in corporate investigations and surveillance take the time to thoroughly understand the litigation at hand before devising a strategic plan to collect the essential evidence to substantiate your claims.

We adhere to ethical and legal guidelines in evidence gathering, ensuring that the collected information is admissible in both Australian and International legal settings.

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Insurance Investigation

Regrettably, employees, clients, and business associates can sometimes file fraudulent insurance claims against corporations for their own financial advantage. We specialise in exposing such deceptive activities through our investigative capabilities, targeting areas like workers' compensation claims, personal injury settlements, and third-party business insurance claims.

Our services have a track record of success both before and during the claim process, aiding numerous companies both with Australia and internationally.

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