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Missing Person

People are missing for a multitude of reasons, they vary from leaving voluntarily, child custody disputes, dementia, fraudulent life insurance claims or perhaps foul play.

Missing person investigations are simply the location of a person whom a citizen cannot locate.
Keo have successfully relocated several missing family members both nationally within Australia and internationally.

Police should always be notified within 24 hours of a person missing, however, due to limited staff and time constraints, Police may not be able to implement to same resources and manpower into an investigation as Keo are able to provide.

Keo are able to commence investigations immediately, not requiring the 24 hour  waiting period prior to investigating.

When families are dealing with International Police regarding missing loved ones, language barriers often make the investigation process frustrating and delayed in the most critical time. 

Time is of the essence in a missing person case and Keo are able to respond globally in a quick and efficient manner.

Keo are capable of being relentless on a missing person case until the investigation is solved.

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