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Child Custody

A child custody surveillance investigation is an objective observation of a child's physical well-being and treatment whilst in the custody of a parent or guardian.

Child Custody is  generally associated  as part of a divorce or separation of the biological parents.

A typical  surveillance investigation involves an investigator assessing the treatment of a child by his or her parents, whilst further ensuring the safety of the child whilst in the other parents custody.

Surveillance may further assist if the custodian has concerns of the child being 'kidnapped' by the other parent or re-located to an unknown location. Parents have been known to relocate interstate or internationally with their children without the knowledge of the court appointed custodian.

Surveillance is further useful to determine the time spent with children during visitations, does the parent attend licensed premises whilst in custody or partake in the use of illicit drugs whilst in custody, ultimately placing the child at risk.

Previous surveillance operations have assisted the Federal Courts  in ensuring children are in a safe and secure relationship whilst in the  parents or custodians care.

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