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Separation of Assets

It is a fundamental principle when negotiating a financial settlement upon the breakdown of marriage or cohabitation, that each person must disclose full details of their financial position to the other.

Sometimes, one party deliberately conceals or misrepresents the value of his/her assets. In such cases, Keo are able to assist with both factual database, and surveillance investigations to locate assets.

Such persons may be ordered to provide extensive documentation. Alternatively, third parties such as bank representatives, new spouses, employers etc., can be ordered to attend court with relevant information and documentation.

If there is a danger that assets may be dissipated or removed from the jurisdiction an application can be made for a “freezing” order or where assets have already been disposed of for an “unscrambling” order. Freezing orders can extend to assets held overseas and in exceptional circumstances foreign courts can be requested to assist by making a 'mirror order' freezing assets within their jurisdiction in support of the Australian proceedings.

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